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The most bizarre crabs in the world.

A three-claw crabs are found by a fisherman on the coast of Northumberland. Jeff Handyside is a crab fisherman who discovered a strange species were dominant during the eight-inch crab to the Blue Reef Aquarium, Tynemouth, North Tyneside.

 The world's largest crab

Crab "Krabzyla" Called the exhibition Marine Life "Blankbrg" In Belgium, the display has been found in Japanese waters. the long arm of the world's largest crab is 3.5 meters and can reach 4.5 meters in adulthood.
According to the NSA, this is Macrocheira kaempferi crab species that hunt in the Pacific last year and moved to England Aquarium in Birmingham.
Transfer "Krabzyla" From England to Belgium, lobster in a special car in the tunnel under the sea Mansh Trny will be placed.

The written word of Allah crabs
Citizens Sumenep, Madura, excited by the discovery berkalimah Allah.Ketam crab was found by Masjuri (30), one of the crab trap.
Masjuri say, the crab was first found in the waters of the White Gersik Sub gate, where he used to catch crabs with nets.
Time to clean, Masjuri surprised to see the strangeness in the shell of crab. Arabic writing 'aleph', 'happy', 

and 'ha' complete with welfare and formed the word Allah.

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